Testosterone is a hormone that is made by a man's testicles. 

* Many men discover that by the time they are in their late 30's or early 40's that they have less energy, are often tired, are slower physically and mentally, are often grumpy, and have lost a lot of the sex drive that they had when they were younger.

A normal part of the aging process? - maybe.  Or maybe it is caused by a low testosterone level.

Testosterone is responsible for the proper development of a man's secondary sexual characteristics like the growth of his penis, muscle mass, facial and body hair and a deeper voice.  Most men have a normal amount of testosterone as a teenager and they develop normally because of this.

Testosterone is also responsible for the maintenance of a man's muscles, his libido or sexual desire, keeping red blood cells and bones healthy and in general plays a large part in a man's sense of well-being.


Decreased libido or sex drive
Erectile Dysfunction
Decrease in muscle mass
Increase in body fat
Increased cholesterol
Decrease in body hair
Decreased energy level
Less effective at work
Decreased semen volume
Decreased orgasm intensity
Problems sleeping
Decreased immunity
Decreased sense of well-being
Difficulty concentrating
Fragile bones

As a man ages his testosterone level gradually decreases.  * This usually begins at around age 30.  Other causes of testosterone deficiency include:


Testicular injury or infection
Many medications
Chronic illness
Chemotherapy for cancer
Radiation for cancer
Pituitary dysfunction
Liver cirrhosis
Kidney disease
Genetic & congenital conditions

A simple blood test will determine if a man has a normal level of testosterone.  This test is more accurate if the blood is drawn in the early morning hours.


Intramuscular injections


Increased sense of well-being
Increased muscle mass
Decreased body fat
Increased sex drive
Improved erections
Higher energy level
More productive at work
Increased immunity
Improved mood
Improved concentration
Increased semen volume
Increased orgasm intensity
Stronger bones

Testosterone replacement therapy has been and remains controversial because of the possible side effects of its use and because the long-term effects of testosterone replacement are largely unknown.

Testosterone supplementation or therapy should not be confused with the super-physiologic and large doses of testosterone and other anabolic steroids that have been abused by some bodybuilders and athletes.  These large doses of steroids are usually not needed or indicated in the first place, are often unmonitored by a physician and are dangerous and unwise.

Physician directed testosterone replacement therapy attempts to bring a man's testosterone level into the middle of the normal therapeutic range.

Before a man is started on testosterone replacement therapy it is important that his physician check the baseline status of many laboratory tests, perform a thorough physical exam and examine his prostate.  Men using testosterone replacement need to be monitored at regular intervals by both blood tests and physical exams to make sure that there are no adverse effects of the testosterone therapy.  Notwithstanding any physician's best efforts to prevent side effects of testosterone replacement therapy, there are often side effects, including:


Acne or oily skin
Increased red blood cell count
Increase in size of prostate
Increase in PSA
Decreased sperm count
Fluid retention
High blood pressure
Breast enlargement
Sleep apnea
Testicular atrophy
Increased lipid levels

Some men should not use testosterone therapy.  They include men who have or who have ever had prostate or breast cancer, men who have an enlarged prostate or a high PSA. 

  We do not offer testosterone replacement therapy in our practice.  If we determine that you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, you will be referred to an endocrinologist for this treatment.

*  While we will certainly try to help all of our patients, as with any medical treatment, there is no guarantee of specific results, as results can and usually do vary from patient to patient. All numbers and time frames mentioned are approximate and may vary from patient to patient.

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