Penile injection therapy has been in use for about 30 years.  It is also know as intracavernosal injection therapy, ICP or penis injections.

Penile injections are one of the safest, most effective and least expensive ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

Penile injection therapy uses an automatic applicator to give a tiny injection of medicine on the side of a man's penis.  Many men do not even feel the injection. 

The medicine is often referred to as trimix or quadmix.

Penile injections are a great method of getting a strong erection and works well for about 90% of men - meaning that they get an excellent erection about 10-15 minutes after using a penile injection.

We will determine at your first visit to our office if penile injections will work for you.  If we can't help you - your visit is free!

We use several compounding pharmacies that provide the medicine for penile injections for our patients.  *The cost is usually less than $10 per dose.  All of the compounding pharmacies that we use are accredited by PCAB - the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board and/or an FDA approved outsourcing facility.

While most of our patients have never used penile injection therapy before, some men have already been using this medicine from another physician's office.  If you are currently using penile injections from one another doctor, we encourage you to ask them what they charge for penile injections.  Then call us.  The compounding pharmacies that we use can duplicate any prescription that any physician has written for penile injections, saving our patients a lot of money.

If you are currently using penile injections we may be able to renew your medicine for you online with a tele-medicine visit.


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Please see our penile injection therapy pages for more information on penile injection therapy.

*  While we will certainly try to help all of our patients, as with any medical treatment, there is no guarantee of specific results, as results can and usually do vary from patient to patient. All costs of medications mentioned are approximate and may vary from patient to patient.




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